Design Inspiration From A Hamburger Joint

Design Inspiration From A Hamburger Joint

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 9, 2010

Hamburger Mary's resides in a giant purple building in downtown Kansas City. We're talking Grimace, Grape Ape, Mardi Gras purple. We weren't sure what to expect when we stopped in for a bite to eat this past weekend, but we were pleasantly surprised to be taking inspirational decor photos before we left! Check out a few of their crazy and rather original ideas for dealing with an industrial space.

We won't lie, we have a serious soft spot for really great hamburgers, so it was a given that we'd stop in at this "new to Kansas City" eatery. Though there's other locations throughout the country, none boast the same decor and all are just a bit different.

The building that Hamburger Mary's is located in has changed hands many times over the last several years. It's been all sorts of eateries, each one serving up their own type of cuisine and having their own decor. The space is tall... really tall and stretches up 30' or more. Although the average home or loft owner won't have ceilings that span quite that high, several of the same design ideas can be used in a more industrial feeling space without any problem.

Each air duct was covered in a different type of wallpaper (or so we assumed). The strips were cut thinner where the ducts had a bend to make the curve gracefully and it truly made each one a focal point that in a way brought the height of the ceiling down while adding a bit of color.

In the walkway to the bathrooms they had sandwiched Christmas lights between two pieces of corrugated plastic (usually used for outdoor roofing material) and although it's probably not something you'd want in your living room, it's a fun funky look for an outdoor party space or even a kids room if you happen to be making the coolest fort ever. White lights or rope lights would give a more streamlined effect without looking so reckless and could be quite pretty in the right setting.

Last but not least was the chandelier in the entryway. For months we've been searching Craigslist for a giant chandelier to paint up whatever bright color we see fit, but we haven't found anything quite large enough. They have all been small tiny things no more than a foot wide. We noticed that Hamburger Mary's lighting fixture was a combination of 3 chandeliers that came together to make one large chandelier of sorts.

Though the ideas could use some personal tweaking, they're great starting points to thinking about the space above your head in tall open areas as part of your design instead of being out of reach.

Whether Hamburger Mary's is your personal taste in venues, the food is good and worth a trip in to see if the one closest to you boasts any additional design ideas.

(Images: Sarah Rae Trover)

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