Design Mistakes that Bring Your Bathroom Down

Design Mistakes that Bring Your Bathroom Down

Nancy Mitchell
May 6, 2017

When you're designing say, a living room or bedroom, there's room for a little trial and error. (You can always re-paint that wall, or return that duvet cover that turned out to be hideous.) With a bathroom, not so much. Once the renovation is finished, unless you're willing to put in a whole lot of work, you're kind of stuck with what you've got. So it's worth considering, before you start, some common mistakes made by bathroom remodelers — and how you can avoid them yourself.

Trying to squeeze too many elements into a small space

Unless you're living in a palace, your bathroom is probably pretty small, and as with all small spaces, restraint is key. Trying to cram in too many showstopping elements can result in visual chaos. Instead, pick one or two, and let the rest of the design play a supporting role, giving your star elements a chance to really shine.

Prioritizing pretty over practical

The bathroom is, above all, a practical space, so it's important to design with that in mind. Sure, that vessel sink is beautiful, but are you still going to think it's beautiful after the 50th time you struggle to clean underneath it? Thinking about maintenance now will help to ensure that you're as happy with your dream bathroom five years down the road as you are the day it's finished. (If you really crave some extravagant but high maintenance bathroom features, try placing them in the powder room, where they'll have to be cleaned much less often (and be in a prime position to be admired by your guests).)

Not paying attention to lighting

Lighting in the bathroom is crucial, since nobody wants to get ready in a cave, and bathrooms often don't get a lot of natural light. Unless your bathroom is very, very small, you'll want at least an overhead light, and either two lights flanking the mirror or one above. Check out our guide to bathroom lighting here.

Not thinking about storage

If you've been lucky enough to always have a bathroom that had sufficient storage, maybe you haven't given bathroom storage a lot of thought. Even though it's a small room, there's actually quite a lot of stuff that we keep in the bathroom, and not allotting enough storage (or the right kind of storage) for your bathroom things can be a real pain down the road. Including hidden storage, whether in cabinets or a medicine cabinet or the vanity, is key to keeping your bathroom uncluttered.

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