Design Q&A with Kerry Joyce

Design Q&A with Kerry Joyce

Abby Stone
Dec 5, 2013
(Image credit: Kerry Joyce Associates)

Discovering that interior designer Kerry Joyce trained in theater design sheds light on what it is about his understated interiors that sets them apart. Set decor is more than ornamental or attractive: effective set design immediately telegraphs the lives of the characters. Transferred to real life, this skill set creates rooms that are not just functional but that reflect and enhance the occupants' lives. No wonder Joyce, who lives in Los Angeles, has been repeatedly singled out by publications such as House Beautiful, Elle Decor, World of Interiors, Vogue and The New York Times.

We spoke with Joyce recently and had him answer a few questions for us.

What is your favorite design moment (house, restaurant, building, public space) in Los Angeles?

The interior of the Bradbury Building downtown.

Let’s pretend you have $400 to update a 250 square foot space — how do you spend it?

I would buy a few black and white photographic art books, cut out the pages, and wallpaper my walls... some of the more PG images by Sally Mann, or Man Ray if I was feeling a little dark and moody.

What is your favorite big-box store, and do you have a favorite product? (for example, frames from IKEA, sofa from C&B, etc.)

IKEA. Although a lot of the work is questionable, a good eye can find some incredibly inexpensive and well-designed gems. A particular favorite is the “Stockholm” Table in walnut veneer.

What 5 things would you put in a time capsule?

All of my photo albums, my first edition Kindle, a large collection of non-GMO seeds, the entire contents of the New York Public Library, and my music library stored on my iPod.

What period of history would you most like to have lived in?

I would’ve loved to have experienced the 1925 Paris Exposition, where the term “Art Deco” derived from. An incredible display of cutting edge design, from future icons such as Ruhlmann, Josef Hoffmann and Le Corbusier, were exhibited in real-time!

What would you bring with you if you were time traveling?

A heavy jacket!

What is your best tip for throwing an impromptu party at home for close friends?

Margaritas from scratch are always an instant crowd pleaser. The perfect playlist is also essential for creating the right vibe.

What’s your biggest design or home-related indulgence?

Not sure if it is an indulgence, but I do love my Sonos music system.

What’s your favorite home from a movie or TV show?

Tom Ford’s, “A Single Man”. The film used a strikingly handsome midcentury home designed in 1949 by architect John Lautner.

What do you love most about LA?

The weather. We have the best weather in the world.

For more about Kerry Joyce, click here.

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