Design Q&A with Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield

Design Q&A with Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield

Abby Stone
May 13, 2013

With a perfectly-matched duo, it's hard to think of one without the other: Batman and Robin, Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant, Abbot and Costello, Sonny and Cher. To that list, add Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield.  The always-impeccable Ron Woodson and the perenially elegant Jaime Rummerfield are as sophisticated as the interiors they create under their Woodson & Rummerfield House of Design banner. Filtering the glamor of old Hollywood through a modern sensibility, their luxurious interiors are colorful and sleek, textural and whimsical.  

What is your favorite design moment (house, restaurant, building, public space) in Los Angeles?  

Ron: The Greystone Mansion.  

Jaime: The Case Study 22 by Pierre Koenig.

Let’s pretend you have $400 to update a 250 square foot space, how do you spend it? 

Buy the best decorative light fixture you can find and some really great throw pillows.

Tell us a little bit about your window for LCDQ's (La Cienega Design Quarter) Legends of La Cienega event? (Ron and Jaime will be designing the window of Szalon.)

Timeless design transcends all eras.

What 5 things would you put in a time capsule?  (NOTE: The theme of this year's LCDQ event is Time Capsule: The Past, Present and Future of Design.)

A newspaper, a copy of our book, High Style, Vitamin Water, an article of clothing and a photo of us in the present day.

What period of history would you most like to have lived in? 

Ron: Midcentury modernism of the 1950's in New York.

Jaime: Art Deco in Paris in the 1920's.

What would you bring with you if you were time traveling? 

iPhone, MacBook, a big suitcases of clothes and shoes for all occasions.  And a notebook to write down the lottery numbers from the future!

What 5 things do you recommend keeping on hand for unexpected guests? A well-stocked bar, easy food bites, fresh towel/linens in the guest room, extra toiletries and bottled water.

What’s your biggest design or home-related indulgence? 

Ron: Put in a swimming pool!

Jaime: Art. 

What’s your favorite home from a movie or TV show? 

Auntie Mame's Park Avenue apartment.

What do you love most about LA? 

Ron: The relaxed way of life.  From the beach to the city, LA has it all.  

Jaime: If you give this city love, it will love you back.

What’s your favorite cheap design trick or tip? 

A great paint color goes a long way.

For more about Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield and their House of Design, click here; for more about LCDQ Legends of La Cienega design event, click here

(Image: courtesy of Woodson & Rummerfield)

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