Desire To Inspire: Kim's Amazing DIY Couch!

Desire To Inspire: Kim's Amazing DIY Couch!

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 3, 2009

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We have always had a thing for people who fall into the category of, "Go big or go home." And coming off the February Jumpstart Project it's been great to see the wide array of diy adventures we've had, but our hats are officially tipped to Kim from Desire to Inspire as she not only tackled the making of her own couch, but she tackled making one that's as versatile as it is comfortable. Click through for the low down on how two people with limited carpentry skills, took on the seemingly impossible!

Kim's was in the market for a new sofa. She was no longer in love with her old one and was on the look out for something more "loungey." In her searching she encountered what most of us do, the reality that our pocketbooks don't usually suit our tastes. Everything that was super loungey and comfortable was out of her price range and everything that was in her price range was less than relaxing. Here's what Kim had to say about her adventures in sofa making...

"Since I wanted something low and loungey, I figured the easiest way to get what I wanted would be to get some cushions, and basically build boxes for them. Instead of buying foam for the cushions, I went to Ikea and bought cushions from one of their sofas where they were sold separately from the frame. There were 4 cushions - 2 for the base and 2 narrower ones for the back. So working with that we built one main base that houses the 2 larger cushions and an individual base for each of the narrower ones.
We used rounded fence post toppers for the feet of the main section (I have pieces of furniture pads underneath them in the photos because it weighs a ton and I'm worried it's going to dent the floor), and casters for the feet of the 2 smaller sections. This way the smaller pieces could be wheeled around the living room to accommodate different seating arrangements. Because I wanted a pile of pillows along the back of the main section and I was concerned they would take up too much space, we built a ledge along the back to house the majority of the pillows, leaving ample room for sprawling."

Kim purchased covers for the cushions from IKEA, although they have become cat hair magnets and she has since began the hunt for fabric to make her own. She's also in the market for new mis-matchy pillows to cover the back, she's leaning towards neutrals with a few jewel tones thrown in for fun! You can see this and more of her wonderful creations over at Desire To Inspire.

Thanks Kim!

Photos courtesy of Kim for Desire To Inspire

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