A Huge Collection of Toy Collections in the Home & Home Office

A Huge Collection of Toy Collections in the Home & Home Office

Jason Yang
Apr 10, 2013

Some of us still love collecting action figures, anime, manga, movie characters...aka toys. Some have even gone so far as to lovingly decorate their homes and offices with passionately curated and staged collections as the centerpiece of their homes. Here are 10 of my favorites that take a hobby well into the realm of a lifestyle.

Sara & Jason's Terrific Toy-Tastic Home
This family of five doesn't just have a desk filled with toys - their entire house is decorated with a collection that's obsessively, yet thoughtfully integrated into their home decor.

Anime-Themed Workstation From Shanghai
Aiko's office setup is filled with figurines from anime and manga, dramatically illuminated with a under-the-desk lighting setup.

Artdsgnr's Toy Collection
It's not always about quantity, and Matt's (a past House Tour participant) frequently featured homes show that just the right selection of toys displayed on your desk can make a big impact. The varying sizes and colors are a perfect complement for his neat little workspace.

Collections: Bigboy Cheng's Vinyl Toy Displayasaurus Rex!
Bigboy Cheng's collection is massive, but kept and presented nearly like a store. The upkeep: once a week he sweeps through with a Swiffer to clean his toys.

The ULTIMATE Star Wars Themed Home
When you've stepped beyond a typical collection and designed an entire room dedicated to your love affair with toys, you've got yourself a theme. Would you feel intimidated staring at Darth Vader while you use the loo in this Star Wars themed home?


Tony Alleyne's Star Trek Bachelor Pad
Okay, so technically there are no toys on display, but this Star Trek themed bachelor pad is so chock full of wonders that we've come to realize the home itself is the toy.

Hajime's Small and Artsy Desk
The bright colors and cute figurines on display in designer Hajime's LA desk are immensely cute and an inviting space to do some creative work.

5 Ways to Display a Pez Collection
Pez candies are so much fun that we can't just give you one example of a great collection.

5 DIY Ideas for Storing & Displaying Toy Cars
Toy cars have a special place in my own heart, and these 5 display ideas are a beauty to see. It's hard to believe that I still feel quite sad about giving away my old toy cars to my little nephew a few years back. He gleefully grabbed some of my favorites as I secretly wondered how I'd get them back some day when he was done playing with them.


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