Which of the 4 Computing Personalities Are You?

Which of the 4 Computing Personalities Are You?

Jason Yang
Jul 1, 2011

4 warriors, from near and far, gather to fight the challenges of the daily grind. Born of specific and unique skills, they put their talents against one another in the ultimate battle for computing supremacy. Be it the worldly desktop computer power user or the agile mobile adventurer, select your character wisely - for once you select your chosen path, you may never lift your eyes from your screen again (i.e. - Angry Birds).

Computers are powerful tools, and when desktops grew smaller as laptops, we were suddenly untethered from our desks. But let's face it,when we're not working on our computers, most of us are usually browsing the web and messing around. The rising popularity of tablets and smartphones (and declining sales of desktops and laptops) show a changing trend in how we use computers today. So how do you compute today? Are you a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even smart phone only kinda guy or girl? What do you use primarily and what can't you live without?

Stationary Power User (Desktop)

Fully in charge in front of your massive command center, the power user operates with speed and efficiency across their multiple screens and fast computers and internet connection. Multiple tabbed browsers, unbelievable games, full featured software - there's nothing you can't do at your battle station. You cringe at the thought of sacrificing your second monitor and file uploads and downloads zip by in seconds.

Pros: powerful, full-fledged software and games, easy upgradability, reusable parts, large screen

Cons: huge and ugly designs (for the most part), power hogs, not portable - stationary without a battery

Heavy Road Worker (Laptop)

When the road beckons, the road warrior packs his skills and laptop for the challenge. Nevermind the weight, the battery life, or the carry-on luggage, this portable master takes all his full featured software and games with him for attacking Excel and PowerPoint in the hotel and on the road.

Pros: portability and size yet still provides full computing experiences (features and functionality), most batteries still suck

Cons: Less power and speed than full desktops, not upgradable, often heavy to carry around and travel with, becomes a paperweight when outdated, smaller/slower components (hdd, video), expensive

Mobile Warrior (Tablet)

The mobile warrior heads no cat calls or teasing about the tablet strapped around his waist or always in his hand. The internet is his (or her) domain in coffee chops the world over, and movies keep this master of mobile in constant training no matter the length of the flight.

Pros: extremely portable, mobile apps and experience, great battery life, instant on

Cons: not efficient for higher tasks, awkward to carry around (but still doable), one more thing to keep an eye on lest it gets stolen if you bring it with you everywhere

Rugged Adventurer (Smartphone)

The truly mobile and adventurous type sticks simply to his or her trusty smartphone. Always on hand and instantly on, this compact and powerful device features tons of apps custom designed for someone on the go. Unbothered by a tiny screen and with your head always down as you trek the wild sidewalks, your reach is only limited by your battery life.

Pros: fits in your pocket and always on your body, mobile apps, built-in camera, cheap (when subsidized with your cellular plan), can make phone calls from it, quick and easy for simple tasks (i.e. - text messaging), instant on, (relative, compared to desktops and laptops) good battery life

Cons: expensive phone, data, and texting plans, slow speed and processing, slow connectivity, inefficient for higher tasks

Choose your character wisely and follow your computing destiny:

(Images: Flickr members dan zen and evanosherow licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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