This $20 Find Makes Cleaning the Toilet a Breeze, Forever

published Jul 29, 2018
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(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

Let’s face it: Of all the arduous tasks on our housekeeping to-do lists, cleaning the toilet is arguably the worst. And while certain hacks, like removing the toilet seat, can make the process of deep cleaning your toilet go a lot more smoothly, we discovered a $20 solution that will make it even easier.

What it is:

An easily-removable toilet seat, like this one from Home Depot, will make cleaning your bathroom a breeze. Not only will this removable toilet seat allow you to quickly clean some otherwise hard to reach nooks and crannies around your toilet—think: awkward cracks in your seat and the hinges of your toilet seat lid—you can literally throw it in the shower and wash it off with soap and hot water while you’re working on cleaning other parts of your porcelain throne.

Why it works:

The lift-off style design of this detachable toilet seat allows you to remove it in seconds, by simply twisting the hinges, for effortless toilet and seat cleaning. Plus this clever toilet seat is made with eco-friendly materials—think molded wood and a natural high gloss finish—to safely keep it from chipping and scratching over time. Translation: this toilet seat doesn’t just make cleaning your bathroom easier, it’ll keep your toilet looking nicer for longer, too.

Even better, this sleek toilet seat—yes, I said sleek—comes in nine different color ways, ranging from pale blue to blush pink, and of course, good old-fashioned white, so you shouldn’t have any trouble matching it to the hue of your current toilet—no matter how outdated your bathroom fixtures may be.

And the best part is that this savvy toilet seat will only set you back about 20 bucks. So you can score a clean toilet in half the time, for less than the price of that Turkish towel you’ve been eyeing.