Determine Where Your Nursery Should Be In 4 Steps

Determine Where Your Nursery Should Be In 4 Steps

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 14, 2010

For some, choosing the location of your child's nursery is easy. Many pick specific spaces to live, be it house or apartment, based on the idea of being pregnant while living there. It might have an extra bedroom or certain corner you think would work out great, but have you considered these 4 steps before finalizing it all?

Our friends over at Charles and Hudson have a fabulous 3 part series on setting up a nursery. They cover more than just the frilly bits like decorative items and paint colors, but are quite up front with some of the bare bones ideas behind where a nursery should be placed in your space and how to go about getting things baby ready over the 9 month process (9 months always sounds so ridiculously long... until you're pregnant).

Here's the first 4 things you should consider when choosing the best place for your home nursery. Even if your space has a dedicated room, it might not be the best place in regards to the following things:

• Noise: It's easy to think that just because your spare bedroom has a door to close, that it's automatically the quietest place in your home. Make sure you consider proximity to outside noises, proximity to loud appliances, or even elevators if you're in a complex or building. Don't forget things like stairs or floorboards that squeak as well!

• Temperature: Nursery's should be rather cozy all year round, so make sure to check windows, doors and floors for drafty spots that might lead to an increase in hot or cold influxes. If you're in a brick space, make sure to check the mortar between bricks if you happen to be in an older building.

• Electric: Although we're all big on conserving as much electricity as possible these days, it doesn't mean that things like humidifiers and monitors don't still need to be plugged in. Although this might be the last thing on your mind and there are ways around rooms or areas without abundant outlets, it's still best to think about how it will all work out, before you have a little one crawling around.

• Space: The word baby is synonymous with the word "stuff." Lots and lots of stuff. Make sure the area you're looking to place baby in is either close to excess storage to easily put away things, or can hold all of baby's things in the room with them.

Make sure to check out the full 3 part series, packed with fabulous reminders and is a great once over for those who are expecting, or know someone who is!

• Part 1: Nursery Needs: Finding The Right Space
• Part 2: Nursery Needs: Design Inspiration
• Part 3: Nursery Needs: Decisions and Doing

(via:Charles and Hudson)
(Image: Flickr member Conor Keller licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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