Determining Your Priorities: The Station Fire

Determining Your Priorities: The Station Fire

Laure Joliet
Sep 1, 2009

The Station Fire in Angeles Crest has been threatening whole communities this past week, and over the weekend I happened to be at a bachelorette party with alot of people being directly affected...

Yes, before we got down to the important business of celebrating, most of the girls were on the phone with parents, boyfriends, cousins and neighbors because their homes were being evacuated. We were in San Diego so there wasn't much anyone could do right there. No, over the phone priorities had to be determined, instructions issued and then houses shut. It made me think about all the stuff I've got that, cliched as it might be, isn't as important as my kitty, my photographs and some key mementos; basically my history.

I'm sure most people would have a similar list of priorities and while I don't need to live like my house is going to burn down tomorrow, it does help put all this stuff into perspective. There a couple of things that I'd done unwittingly that would make evacuation easier:

• All of my important documents are in one box, so I just have to grab it.
• All of my photos are on my computer or on the hard drive I keep next to it.
• My cat will get into her carrier pretty easily
• My photo albums are in a pile in my closet (awaiting a true home) but are easily grabbable.

Anything else I'd want I would just grab as I'm running through, but I could live without most of it.

Here is a complete Home Fire Checklist and How To Evacuate in 15 Minutes or less.

I'm grateful that so far all the people I was with still have homes and everyone is safe. We at Apartment Therapy are thinking of those who are being displaced, threatened or have lost a home and sending them whatever comfort we can.

(Image: Atwater Village

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