Device Overload: Carrying too Much Tech, Issues and Solutions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lately we have noticed a mild problem. We have too much tech in our daily rotation. As we have mentioned, we are the Luddite of the Unplggd contributors yet we are carrying more tech everyday. First it was our iPad now its our camera, lenses, flash, iPad… the list goes one. We decided that there are three ways to attack this: first our bags, second leaving crap at home, and third getting newer lighter toys.

In the past we have advocated the usage of Timbuk2 bags for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are comfort and ability to cram alot of stuff into them. But this seems to be an untenable solution for the very style conscious or those who do not wish to carry to much stuff. Thus we decided to make a list of what we think are three solutions to gadget creep; AKA to much crap syndrome

  1. Get a bigger bag to hold it all. Thankfully we can still shove our growing mound of stuff into our messenger bag. But if you keep adding things, we suggest heading to Timbuk2 so that you can comfortably carry your gear.

    This is an excellent stylish bag, but I don’t think it would hold a massive amount of gear

  2. Pare down your gear. No really… stop carrying so much. This is the route that we need to take. Why carry a MacBook and our iPad when it would be better to just carry an iPad? In addition, do we really need to lug all of our lenses around? Is hauling everything around and being prepared for every single tech contingency necessary? The Boy Scout in me does not think so and admittedly carrying so much cannot be good for ones back.
  3. Get lighter, smaller, faster stuff. This route we will undoubtedly not end up pursuing due to expense. It just promotes the carrying of more cool tech when in reality it is not necessary.

So Unplggd readers how have you dealt with the schlepping of more and more tech items everyday?

(Top image: flickr member ritcheyer licensed under Creative Commons)