Dialogica: Unique yet usable Furniture

dialogica.jpgDialogica is a space with a lot of style. The furniture has a familiar look but most every piece feels unique to the store, which we love.

harlowloungewotto_detail.jpgDialogica’s design and artistic direction is by Monique and Sergio Savarese who claim that their inspirations for their designs come from dreams, historical reference, travels and diverse cultural backgrounds to provide furniture that avoids trends.

dialogica swivel.jpgWe really dig this swivel table (like a high-end Lazy-Susan!). This chair and ottoman is certainly not shocking in its originality, but is quite nice.

Comfort, beauty and quality may all be part of a Dialogica design, but this is not furniture for a timid space. The size and look of many of the pieces seem conducive to an agent’s office or huge loft, so if that sounds like you, get your assistant to go check them out.