Diamonds Are A Girls Best Light Bulb

We sort of have a thing for cool light bulbs. It’s not our fault really, the attraction to bright and shiny things isn’t uncommon and our last 3 apartments and lofts have all had hanging, exposed bulbs. Even though dressing up a light bulb seems slightly silly, you have to admit that when compared with a regular bulb, these diamond versions are crazy awesome!

Each glass bulb hosts a 15watt halogen lamp and will last for roughly 2,000 hours. They’re the brainchild of designer Eric Therner and retail for roughly $38 (USD) or 29 Euros, depending on which side of the pond you’re on.

They stand alone quite nicely though likewise, we’re sure a grouping of them would look just as sparkly and nice! You can pick a few up for yourself over at Eric Therner’s webstore (which also takes paypal).

Do you like the look or do you think light bulb design is something the average consumer could care less about? Share your thoughts below!