Did You Change Your Schedules When You Moved In Together?

Did You Change Your Schedules When You Moved In Together?

Tess Wilson
Aug 23, 2013

In the months prior to moving in with my partner, I wondered how such a thing could possibly work, logistically. I worked 45-70 hours/week, worked out 6 days a week, and was regularly gone for 12 or 13 hours a day. How would someone feel about me being gone, most of the time?

Now, our situation is unique, because I left my hectic-but-beloved San Francisco schedule to move to Illinois, where I'm still working on cobbling together a routine for myself. I'm currently working freelance writing jobs from home, but if I get a full-time in-person job as well, I'll be working about 50 hours/week, plus a 5+hours/week commute (we live in a very small town so I'll probably have to drive to a larger town), plus an exercise regimen, which all comes to about 67+hours/week. I won't be gone as much as I used to be, but I'll still be gone more than the rest of my household would prefer.

It all makes me wonder what the rest of you did, if you had a go-go life that you tried to combine with someone else's, especially if their life was just as busy. Before you moved in, did you both acknowledge that that is simply what life would be like? Or did you both agree to make concessions, slightly cutting down on work/workouts/dates with friends/fantasy football so you'd have time to spend at home together? As sweet and diplomatic as I think that is, I have a hard time with the concept. I love working out! I love seeing my friends! I love being serious about my jobs/career! ...But I also love being home together! 

How did you find time to actually live together? And does having limited time together help keep things fresh and special?

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