Digital Holiday Greetings: About Time or Faux Pas?

Digital Holiday Greetings: About Time or Faux Pas?

Elizabeth Giorgi
Nov 12, 2013

As friends, families and colleagues start planning their holiday shindigs and inboxes fill with details on quiches, spirits and fruit cake, it can be a marvel to imagine how people scheduled these things before internet connectivity. If all these parties can be planned with the help of tech, what about the traditional holiday greeting? Is a digital version just as acceptable as the snail mailed classic?

A few months ago I wrote a post on Evite etiquette, which asked the important question of when a traditional invitation can be replaced with an internet delivered version. One of the key points that almost everyone could agree on was, if it's a regular occurrence, it's OK to send a digital greeting.

I say it's time for a revolution. While my postman is a lovely guy, it seems silly to limit myself to paper and pen when there are so many additional options for a digital holiday greeting.

Here are some fun alternatives to consider:

  1. Sing your favorite holiday song with your family and friends and record it (check out Stan Lee's video version above).
  2. Share an infographic of your year in review.
  3. Make a gif of your family trimming the tree.
  4. Create a photo slideshow with highlights from the year.
  5. Start a tumblr blog with entries from each member of the family reflecting on their favorite part of the holidays, and update it each year

Whatever you do, just don't send a JibJab.

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