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Digital Housekeeping: 3 Tidying Tips to Do Today

updated May 4, 2019
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When people talk about organizing their lives or cleaning up their homes, they don’t often mean their digital lives or their tech spaces. So much of our effort when simplifying our lives gets dedicated to the kitchen, living room, closets and bedroom, but if you think about it, we spend much of our time online and that’s a space that often gets ignored.

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Here are some things you have probably never done to your digital life that you should totally consider:

1. Declutter your Queues: Netflix. GameFly. Hulu Plus. Amazon Prime. HBO Go. Your DVR. All these places probably have a show, movie or game that you have watched or played and will never revisit. Or, alternatively, we all have those wishful thinking items on our lists. “I’ll eventually watch this 8-part documentary series on the Civil War.” No, you won’t. And every time you log on, you’re losing valuable time scrolling through media you’ll never watch. Clean it up and keep it simple.

2. Simplify Receipts: Most people I know have two files of receipts. Physical receipts, which live in a real folder somewhere and digital receipts, which live in an email or desktop folder somewhere. OneReceipt is an incredibly well-organized system that merges these two worlds into one simple digital record. Plus, it’s free.

3. Add an Alert to your Calendar to swab your Tech: Your earbuds, mouse, keyboard, smartphone and eReader are all germy, germ zones. Simple antibacterial wipes or KeyKleen can help keep flu and cold bugs at bay over the fall and winter months.