Dim Bright Displays the Low-Tech Way with Transparencies

Dim Bright Displays the Low-Tech Way with Transparencies

Taryn Williford
Feb 17, 2011

Are you one of those people who can only sleep in total darkness? The kind that stuffs yesterday's dirty socks in front of their DVD player's pulsating red led light indicator? Then you've probably discovered there's one piece of bedroom tech you can't turn off or shove into a closet: Your alarm clock. Luckily, one of your sound-sleeping brethren have passed along this 25¢ tip for dimming alarm clock displays with binder dividers.

A lot of gear these days have displays with adjustable brightness. But what do you do when the dimmest setting still keeps you up at night? Try transparent binder dividers.

After cutting it to size and spritzing it with a bit of water, Chrisjob from shelter blog Curbly found that the transparency stuck snugly to the display of his iHome alarm clock, giving him a dim display and nighttime peace of mind—well worth the 25¢ he invested in the binder sheet.

Check out Curbly if you want more detailed instructions.

You could also use this trick if you're trying to subtly change the color of your display. This deep blue divider helped to dim the display and also give it a purplish tint (The before and after pictures above were shot at the same exposure).

Come to think of it, it's kind of the same solution as dimming standby led lights with lithographer's tape, only it's a lot easier to source the materials—just raid your 6th grader's backpack, or, you know, head to the drugstore down the road. Whatever works.

Images from Curbly (via Lifehacker)

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