Dim or Block Annoying LED Lights With These Stickers

Dim or Block Annoying LED Lights With These Stickers

Gregory Han
May 31, 2011

Hey electronics manufacturers, we've got some beef with you about all the LED lights you embed into every one of your designs these days. One bright light in a room is bad enough, but these days a home entertainment center can sometimes light up as bright as Times Square. Our own wireless HDMI receiver glows a distracting blue when turned on (it needs to be in line of sight of the transmitter, so it's situated up front and center). It's annoying when we're watching anything in our otherwise darkened living room setup. Ideally, manufacturers would always offering a dimming or turn off option...but they don't.

Although we've shared a DIY solution using lithographer's tape in the past, the results might leave you wanting if you're a stickler for appearances. So if you lean towards more of the anal retentive realm, LightDims might be a more aesthetically pleasing solution for the "too bright LED" problem afflicting your home setups.

Available in 80% reduction level up to 100% (though, this would seem counterintuitive to daily use unless you keep your electronics devices always on), LightDims are basically a pre-cut sticker sheet designed to fit over the various lights and displays on a great many of our home appliances and electronics. At $5.99 a sheet, we think these are about $3.00 overpriced for what is basically semi-opaque stickers, but we're of the anal retentive variety mentioned previously and like the fit finish of pre-cut stickers rather than some haphazard homemade variety.

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