Dining Room Storage Pieces from Our House Tours

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In Keeping It Simple: Minimalist Dining Rooms, we looked at no-fuss dining rooms that lack the storage staples of the traditional dining room: china cabinets, buffets and sideboards. But even for those of us who don’t own (or have no interest in displaying) our “good china”, silver pieces or crystal ware, a lot can be said for including a beautiful case piece in the dining room.

You may use a credenza, hutch or sideboard to display beautiful vases, photos or the odd thrift store gem. Or these pieces could be used as much-needed surplus storage for entertaining-related items like cloth napkins, candles, and formal serving dishes. Finally, dining rooms storage can be used for items that have nothing to do with dining: For many of us, any opportunity to stash unsightly but essential items must be embraced (think board games, extra bed linens, extra rolls of paper towels…). Finally, dining room case pieces can provide extra surface area for setting up buffets and bar essentials.

Chests and cabinets were essential in times when homes were not chock full of closets. Vintage and antique case pieces are often a great choice for the dining room, providing a touch of formality and tradition to even the most modern or streamlined of rooms. Alternatively, dining room storage could consist of built-ins and bookshelves, which often give a cozy personal touch.

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