There’s a New (Flame-Less) Way to Get Diptyque in Your Home—Just Plug It In

published Sep 5, 2020
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Credit: Kim Lucian

An amazing-smelling space can do wonders for your mood. Adding scent to your home is a way of being hospitable and, in these times, a simple method for practicing self-care.

Candles are one way to accomplish a great-smelling space—but burning wax in your home isn’t for everyone. There are numerous reasons you might not be a candle person: Maybe you’re hesitant to have fire in your house due to kids or pets, or you’d rather not “waste” the candle by burning it down.

Either way, you don’t have to miss out on a home (or car) that smells otherworldly—especially now that Diptyque has launched a plug-in wall diffuser to fill your space with its fan-favorite scents. Just pop in a scented insert, plug it in, and breathe in your favorite smell. 

Credit: Diptyque

The electric wall diffuser is the newest addition to the “Un Air de Diptyque” collection, a line of diffusers that uses cold diffusion to impart fragrance to your home (and car!). Here’s how it works: The air in your home moves through a layer of encapsulated perfume beads in the inserts to release their fragrance into just about any space you choose.

Credit: Diptyque

Switch out scents as often as you want with the accompanying scent inserts. There are several tried-and-true Diptyques to choose from—Baies one day, and Roses the next—and they’re easy to swap out for various occasions, moods, or seasons. 

The diffuser is both gorgeous and practical but it isn’t cheap, at $120 for the diffuser plus $45 for the insert (not included). A splurge might be worth it, though, if you’re already buying Diptyque candles and hankering for more ways to diffuse your favorite smell—or if you’re not a fan of candles, but want the same effect.