A New Study Identified the Dirtiest Spot in Hotel Rooms and It's Probably Not What You Think

A New Study Identified the Dirtiest Spot in Hotel Rooms and It's Probably Not What You Think

Tyra Wilkes
Mar 26, 2018
(Image credit: Dean Drobot )

If you're a clean freak, you're likely the guy (or gal) wiping down the handles of your cart at the grocery store or whipping out a bottle of hand sanitizer to avoid tiny germs that play hide and seek seemingly everywhere.

One of the filthiest places — I'm sure we all can agree — are hotel rooms. With the constant rotation of families checking in and out, some things are bound to get overlooked, right? One would assume the bathroom to be the filthiest, but according to Scientific American, the remote control wins that battle (with the light switch coming in second.)

A recent study found that of the nine hotel rooms tested for bacterial contamination, about 81% of the samples were covered in 'some' fecal bacteria. Gross.

"Hoteliers have an obligation to provide their guests with a safe and secure environment," said Katie Kirsch, researcher and University of Houston undergraduate student states, "Currently, housekeeping practices vary across brands and properties with little or no standardization industry wide."

Their research cites that their findings are a result of lenient housekeeping measures that don't ensure cleanliness beyond line of site. Traveling from room to room using the same mop, sponge, and other supplies from the suite next door is ultimately picking up one family's leftovers and transferring them to the next.

"Identifying high-risk items within a hotel room would allow housekeeping managers to strategically design cleaning practices and allocate time to efficiently reduce the potential health risks posed by microbial contamination in hotel rooms," said Kirsch.

I think it's time we start traveling with a tote bag full of clorox, cleaning sponges and a change of sheets. Are you with me?

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