Discover Your Style: What Kind of Decorator Are You?

Discover Your Style: What Kind of Decorator Are You?

Jennifer Hunter
Jul 31, 2015

It's not just about which items you choose to decorate your home; it's also about how you get there. So what kind of decorator are you? Probably one of these.

The planner

You know your room's measurements like the back of your hand (but you still have them written down anyway). You currently have 8 small color swatches painted on your wall because you want to see each nearly-identical option in different types of light before you make up your mind. You're in the market for a bench right now but you can't seem to find one in reality to match the one you're picturing in your mind. You know IKEA's inventory better than the staff.

The intuitive

You don't care how your space looks so much as how it makes you feel. You need to touch everything before you buy it and you've decided against an otherwise smart purchase because you just didn't feel good vibes that day. If you miss out on a deal or something you want sells out, it doesn't bother you a bit because you figure it just wasn't meant to be. Your home may look like a mish-mash to others but everything in it has a story and means something to you. You buy your pasta and beans in bulk and store them in glass jars.

The copy cat

When you see a room you just love, all you can think is how to manage to move in right away because you just love it so much you wouldn't change a thing. You live and die by your Pinterest board and you always, always read the fine print in magazines and online to find out exactly where did she get that?!? You've spent hours Google image searching a blurry picture you took of a chair at a restaurant (when you'd had a few glasses of wine) because you just can't get it out of your head and need it now.

The savvy hunter

You make daily visits to Craigslist and eBay and your email inbox is filled with Amazon alerts telling you the price dropped a few pennies on the item you were watching. You know the ins and outs of the online coupon code game like a boss and you're on every mailing list. In the furniture store, you know just how to ask for a discount because of that little nick on the veneer of the floor model (you were gonna put that side against the wall anyway). You also love to bundle. You could tell me your exact credit score right now.

The globetrotter

You spend more shipping your finds back home than you paid in the first place. You think people who buy their international decor locally are cheating; you have a "local buys only" policy so you take yourself to the goods rather than the other way around. You love to bargain, especially if you don't speak the local language, which just makes it more fun. You know (and love to talk about) the story or craftsman behind each cushion on your sofa or chair at your table. You have (and use) a stool on which someone once gave birth.

The slow burn

You're still rocking your parent's hand-me-down sofa and your grandma's second string silverware but you'll happily buy a new blanket or rug should the mood strike. Still, you'll never remember where you got it when someone asks. Your home looks lived in — in a good way —because you just accumulate a knick knack here, a bookshelf there until you have what you need and more. You don't mind if people wear their shoes in your house.

The matchy-matchy

When walking into your house, people sometimes get a slight sense of deja vu. They never realize that they have been here before, only last time they were standing on the showroom floor at West Elm. You feel like certain brands just "get" you. You carry fabric swatches in your purse because you like to keep your decor in the same two or three color families because you don't want things to get too out of hand. Mixing patterns gives you a headache.

Time to tell us: what kind of decorator are you?

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