Discovering Things About Your Home

Discovering Things About Your Home

Beth Zeigler
Apr 30, 2009

043009tv-02.jpgBecause we work from home we spend a lot of time in various spots around the house. Typing from the kitchen table, reading on the couch and working in the office--we've become pretty familiar with our immediate surroundings. Last evening, while cooking dinner, we discovered something about our home set-up that we'd never noticed before...

We had our evening all planned out--cook dinner and watch American Idol (we know). Unfortunately, we got home late so we were making dinner just as Idol was starting. Not wanting to miss a second of our guiltiest pleasure (but also not wanting to burn the rice on the stove) we started to get concerned. Then we shot a quick glance to the right and it hit us--we could see the TV screen reflected in the hallway mirror. Because we rarely cook (or follow anything on TV) this discovery never had an opportunity to reveal itself until last evening. Which got us thinking--even though our home is small, we rarely use all of it. There are two chairs in the living room which we've sat in only once (at a party we hosted). Similar to Laure's call to action yesterday we have decided this week to discover more things about our home. We plan on accomplishing this by rearranging furniture and hanging out in spaces where we rarely spend time.

(Image: Flickr member Starmist1 licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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