Disguise Your Facebook Addiction With Diesel's Excellbook

Disguise Your Facebook Addiction With Diesel's Excellbook

Jesse Leikin
Jun 28, 2011

Even the hardest and most diligent workers among us need to take a break every once in a while. Facebook has become the de facto place to get away from our daily grind. Unfortunately, Facebook is also heavily frowned upon in the work environment. Chances are that the minute you decide to relax and hop onto Facebook, your boss will pop up right over your shoulder. Thanks to Excellbook, you no longer need to worry about that.

Here's what one of the Unplggd's team's Facebook page looks like when transformed by the Excellbook application.

Excellbook is a free download from Diesel which has one very simple goal: disguise Facebook to look like Excel. Once you download Excellbook all you have to do is login using your Facebook credentials and then your "spreadsheet" is populated with all of your data. Besides being able to view everything on Facebook, Excellbook allows you to interact and make updates as well. You can "Like" a post, comment on something, and even update your status all without having to worry about somebody glancing over at your screen and seeing that big blue Facebook logo.

While we don't recommend neglecting your work and spending the entire day using Excellbook, sometimes there are times when a peek isn't going to hurt during downtime or a break. After all, everyone needs a little time during the day to let his/her mind wander and connect with friends. In fact, setting aside 10-15 minutes for a break here and there can help you be more productive and efficient throughout the day, so think of this as a productivity booster...although that's not likely going to fly with the boss if you're caught.

(Image via The Online Grapevine)

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