The Best Way To Remove Lint and Pet Hair: A Dish Glove!

The Best Way To Remove Lint and Pet Hair: A Dish Glove!

A home with 3 cuddly cats has its perks, but it also has its lint. With no vacuum, I am definitely thankful for hardwood floors—but what about the couch? The chairs? The clothes? The curtains? If you ever fret about fur and are sick of sticky rollers here is your salvation.

A damp dish glove is an incredibly effective way to wipe up pet hair and lint. Perhaps even the most effective. I still use the damp cloth trick from time to time, but in my experience nothing double-times like a dish glove! While sticker rollers are wasteful, and the washable ones are an added expense, dish gloves fulfill their duty at the sink and then some.

Here's How:

With your hand palm down and tilted, wipe the fur-ridden fibre with firm short strokes. You'll need the keep the glove damp, (not soaked,) so sometimes I'll bring a small bowl of water to dip into periodically if I'm away from a faucet and dealing with a larger surface, (sectional anyone?)

This technique also works wonderfully on wool coats, especially around the collar and cuffs where you can run your fingers inside and out at the same time.

Give it a try!

(Images: MaryAnne Petrella)
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