Dish Towel Apron

Dish Towel Apron

Carrie McBride
Jun 4, 2010
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A pint sized apron isn't just cute; it's useful for both parents and children alike. Kids love getting a custom "dress up" accessory for their play kitchen and parents love the fact that their kids can stay tidy during all kinds of outfit-ruining activities from being cook's helper to making messy artwork.

This adorable child's apron combines fun and function into one charming package. Plus, since you're starting out using fabric that comes ready with decorative details and prefinished edges, most of the work is already done for you! You and your little apprentice can easily design and make this dish towel apron together in just a few hours.

• 2 machine washable dish towels
• 2 1/2 yards of grosgrain ribbon
• thread
• scissors


• sewing machine (optional)
• iron and ironing board

1. Select two dish towels. For around five dollars you can often find these sold in pairs at the store, which is great because they are already coordinated for you and ready to go! Make sure to prewash your towels before you begin.

2. Choose which towel you would like to be the bottom half of the apron and set aside. With the other towel select the area you want to be the top of your apron and cut out a 17" by 8" rectangle.

3. Take your newly cut rectangle to the ironing board. Fold all unfinished edges in 1/2" and press.

4. With right sides together, center the top rectangle over the towel you set aside earlier and pin into place. Machine or hand sew a line down the middle of both sections. (see picture)

5. You can now unpin and fold each towel in half, with wrong sides together. At this point you should attach any embellishments you plan on adding to the apron from the waist down….buttons, pockets, iron on appliqués, be creative! Here we've sewn on a strip of ribbon near the bottom, making sure the ribbon extends past the edge of the towel so we can tuck the unfinished edge into the seam later.

6. Cut two 16" lengths of ribbon, these will be the ties for the neck. Pin a ribbon on either edge of the back layer of your apron top and sew into place. (In other words, tuck a ribbon in between the corners of the two layers of your apron top. Peel back top layer, pin ribbon and sew.)

7. Lay your apron back down into place with each towel folded in half, wrong sides together. Pin and sew around all the edges, making sure that the unfinished edges of any decorative ribbon you added are folded over and tucked in between the front and back layers.

8. Cut a 52" length of ribbon and center it along the apron's waistline. You should have roughly 18" of ribbon left from each edge of the apron. Pin into place and sew down.

9. To finish, trim the raw edges of your ribbon ties at a diagonal to prevent fraying. Iron apron if needed.

Finished! Tie the newly finished apron loosely around your little cutie's waist and neck and admire!

Additional Notes
Hand sewing or double sided iron-on tape can be used instead of a sewing machine. Any ribbon will work for the apron ties, but grosgrain holds up best in the wash. To wash your apron just follow the manufacturer's guidelines on the tag of the dishtowels.

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