10 Best Dish Towels That’ll Absorb Any Mess With Ease

updated Jan 29, 2021
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Think fast: When’s the last time you bought a new set of dish towels? If you’re having a hard time answering this question (much like yours truly), it’s probably time to invest in some new kitchen linens. Although an essential kitchen staple, dish towels are often an afterthought. However, ask any home chef to name the items they use every day without fail, and, more likely than not, you’re going to see a trusty dish towel come up time and time again. From cleaning up run-of-the-mill spills to drying your dishes and fine china, dish towels are a bigger part of your everyday routine than you might think. We rounded up 10 of the best dish towels on the market today that’ll help you keep your cooking space neat and tidy — because the dirty work shouldn’t be your problem.

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When it comes to kitchen linens, microfiber towels have a devoted following for a reason. Their thick construction makes them a dream for tackling big spills, while their super-absorbent nature means they'll also dry fast. Available in four colors, this set comes with eight dish towels made to become more absorbent with each use.

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If environmental friendliness is of the utmost importance to you, you'll love these Swedish dish towels. Made with the super absorbency of a cellulose sponge, these washable and reusable towels are meant to replace your dish towels, paper towels, and sponges. The best part? They're biodegradable! When it's time to toss them out, you can rest easy knowing you won't be contributing to any waste.

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Another super-absorbent option, terry cloth dish towels are great for taking on any mess your kitchen can throw at you. Gentle on silverware and dishes, these towels (like terry cloth bath towels) are made to remove moisture with ease, although they do take a bit longer to dry than their microfiber counterparts. We like this particular set from Homaxy because of its many size and color options.

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An AT favorite, these beloved restaurant kitchen towels are approved by chefs both amateur and professional. Made from natural cotton that won't scratch your fine silverware, plates, pots, or pans, the Zeppoli Classic dish towels are a great staple to keep on hand. And with 15 in a pack, you know you're getting your bang for your buck.

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One of the most popular styles of kitchen towels is flour sack dish towels. Also known as tea towels, their soft cotton fibers are ace for polishing and shining everything from glassware to silverware, though they are on the thinner side when it comes to absorbency. Looking to give this style a test? We love this best-selling 10-pack from Mainstays!

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For particularly stylish dish towels, head on over to Target to check out Hearth & Hand's Magnolia set. Available in both a chic rose gold and faded blue color, this crisp towel set (made of 100-percent cotton) comes with two designs: a pinstriped towel and a striped-trim towel, adding a subtle pop to any counter space.

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Just because a dish towel is cheap, doesn't mean it's cheap. Case in point? The TEKLA dish towel from IKEA. Coming in at just 79 cents (!), this beloved cotton towel is made from yarn-dyed cotton, absorbing messes just as well (if not better) than some of its more expensive counterparts. Complete with a handy loop for hangable storage, it's easy to see why this rock-bottom-priced towel is so adored.

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Woven dish towels not only look nice, they perform well, too. Extra durable and absorbent, they're able to really get into messes and scrub down surfaces without a second thought. A longtime favorite, the Williams Sonoma classic stripe dish towels are a great example that AT staffers swear by. And with multiple colors to choose from, finding one that'll match your space will be a cinch.

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Another editor favorite, the Full Circle dish towel is a must try. Made from organic cotton, these towels have built-in loops that allow for gentle scrubbing and, thus, easier cleanups. Coming with three dish towels, this set is a steal at under $10.

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Lightweight and stylish, Snowe's linen dish towel set is the perfect pick for the linen-obsessed. Made from premium, washed Belgian flax (spun in Italy), these towels are strong, machine washable, and OEKO-TEX certified. The set comes with two designs and has five colors to choose from.