Dishwasher Wars: What Are Your Loading Rules?

Dishwasher Wars: What Are Your Loading Rules?

Alysha Findley
Feb 15, 2012

Have you ever been at a dinner party where the host kicked you out of the kitchen and then argued amongst the guests about which dish loading system was the best? I have...

Loading someone else's dishwasher is like playing with fire. People can be very territorial about their dish loading system, and even though you are trying to help clear the dishes it's possible that you're creating much more trouble and anxiety than you realize.

I will be the first to admit that I am likely the world's worst dishwasher loader and have been banished from the kitchen many a time. Now I really try to stay out of people's way and help out in other areas.

I hadn't had a dishwasher in my home since the mid-90's so I am a but out of touch with "the ways". And now that I have one again (albeit a horrible 1970's version that has to literally be rolled to the sink and hooked up to the faucet with a hose) I am in the position of learning how to do this correctly and efficiently.

For any dishwasher loading newbies out there like me here are the basics:
1. The lower rack (closer to the jets) is for larger plates, pot and pans.
2. Load knives handle up and forks and spoons handle down.
3. Load like items together.
4. Place glasses and cups along the edge on the top rack and smaller plates in neat rows facing the middle.

So I now pose the question to you. Are you very picky about your dishwasher loading system? What are your loading rules?

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