Dishwashers: Kitchen Saviour or Waste of a Cupboard?

Dishwashers: Kitchen Saviour or Waste of a Cupboard?

Jenny Butler
Mar 2, 2010

It's no secret that we're at the tail end of a kitchen/dining room renovation and have just purchased our very first dishwasher. We've dreamt of this moment every time we hand washed a sink-load of dishes for the past few years – but now we can't help but wonder "...are we just lazy, are dishwashers inefficient and could we better use the cupboard space???"

The reality is we could always use more cupboard space. We pushed our bench tops out as far as we could in every direction just so we would have more storage under them – which is why it seems so wasteful to stick a great big unnecessary appliance in one. However, the surprising thing that we've just learnt is that the evidence would suggest dishwashers are a more efficient use of both water and energy. The results do differ from one study to the next, but they all seem to point to dishwashers using less water, less energy and less labour than washing by hand [as long as it's full every time you hit the 'Go' button].
As for whether or not we're lazy? Who cares - we don't have spend all of our time washing dishes any more!

[image from John and Jason's Color Infused Kitchen]

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