This Photographer Inserts Your Favorite Disney Characters In Some Truly Unexpected Places

published Sep 11, 2020
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Credit: rifqa.j/Shutterstock

By now, Disney-themed art is truly a tale as old as time, but one photographer has taken it to a whole new world. Florida-based photographer and artist Chris Walker has an entire Instagram page dedicated to his unique take on Disney art, inserting the most beloved animated characters into places you’d never expect…like the New York City subway and the US Capitol Building.

Walker uses some clever photo editing magic to insert Disney characters into his work, making his photos like a hybrid animated and real-life “Where’s Waldo.” Whether it’s Mary Poppins flying high above the New York skyline, Tinkerbell perched upon the iconic cherry blossoms in Washington DC, or Cinderella escaping the Capitol Building at the stroke of midnight, Walker manages to seamlessly integrate each character into his photos, making it feel as if you really could run into Sorcerer Mickey on the steps at DC’s Union Station.

While seeing a Disney character or two in action at the Disney parks is pretty normal (expected, even), Walker inserts the animated versions of each in places around the parks you might never expect to see them. From a terrified-looking Belle about to get on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to Ariel and Prince Eric riding the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Trolley and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Walker proves that with just a bit of pixie dust, you can spot your favorite characters just about anywhere if you keep your eyes peeled.

And yes, in true 2020 fashion, Walker even inserted Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” into a group Zoom call when the parks were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. You never know where your favorite prince, princess, or villain might pop up on his Instagram page. Check out his full portfolio here to spot all your favorites.