Let Mickey Mouse Manage Your Tasks With the Disney Echo Wall Clock

published Jan 12, 2020
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Credit: Amazon

Timers are like a secret weapon for getting done tasks that you’ve been putting off. Set one for 30 minutes and you can tidy your apartment, or tackle the dishes, or do a session of work or studying. Knowing you have a fixed end point to look forward to makes the experience a little less grueling. And if you love Disney and smart devices, the Mickey Mouse Echo wall clock is your perfect timer.

The Echo wall clock works with Amazon Echo devices to help you manage your time. Rather than manually setting a timer on your phone or the wind-up timer on your fridge, you can just say, “Alexa, set a laundry timer for 30 minutes,” for example, and let the clock do it for you. The LED lights around the edge of its face light up to match your timer, letting you see at a glance how much time you have left before it goes off. The clock especially comes in handy for managing multiple timers at once.

The new Disney edition of the Echo wall clock has all the same features, plus a cute Mickey Mouse at the center. His arms are the hour and minute hands, so depending on the time, he looks adorably tangled up. The new version of the clock seems especially popular not just with Disney fans but also with parents trying to teach their kids how to read and manage time.

“My kids are now paying attention to the timers!” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “I usually ask them to clean up their room in 30 min, and since Mickey is timing them – it’s so much better than me tracking their time!”

Another reviewer explains exactly how the clock works: “This clock hooks to ONE current echo device, and enhances the timer features. So if you have an echo in your kitchen or living room, you can say ‘Alexa set a timer for 5 minutes’, and the clock lights up 5 markers. Once it gets down to the last minute, all 60 markers light up and do a one minute countdown. It’s great for if you are cooking in the kitchen and don’t want to keep asking Alex how much time is left, or maybe you have kids and do a ‘time-out’ timer that they can see.”

Learn more about the Echo wall clock, Mickey Mouse edition here.

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