Displaying Photos Outside The Frame

About 99% of my photos are sitting on my hard-drive gathering virtual dust. The thought of finding frames and places for them is daunting, although I love the memories they inspire whenever I get a chance to go through them. These casual displays of frameless snapshots displayed inspiration-board style might be a happy solution. Thoughts?

1 Placing a few key pictures in frames and surrounding them with frameless photos makes the whole display less formal.
2 & 3 I love the juxtaposition between the classic furniture and the casual grid of snapshots pinned up above the mantel and sweet console in Rita Konig’s apartment.
4 A different take on displaying a mix of frames and frameless photos, this alive arrangement seems as if some of the photos have jumped ship and are on the run.
5 I love the “documentary art” styled Polaroids that photographer Tosca Radigonda displayed in her home studio. She taped them like wallpaper and then covered them with sheets of Plexiglas. Personalized wallpaper!
6 Mixing photos in with magazine clippings and affixing them like an inspiration board adds a little whimsy to a doorway.

As much as I love all the above examples, I still think it can look a little juvenile…tape and snapshots were the staples of my dorm room decor after all. But part of me loves the casualness, and the idea of getting to pour over a myriad of fun memories without having to stare at a computer screen. What about you?

Images: 1, 6: vt wonen; 2,3: Domino; 3: JJ Christine Villamarin for Design For Mankind; 5: Martha Stewart