Distilled White Vinegar

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Vinegar has a thousand uses. One of them we discovered while looking for non-toxic cleaning supplies: cleaning and disinfecting.

There are tens of sites out there that tell you how to use vinegar in place of common household chemical cleaners and we’ve listed some of the best ones below, along with our own “lessons learned.”

    • Dilute vinegar with water, 50/50, and store in a labeled spray bottle.
    • For more cleaning power, use a higher concentration of vinegar to water.
    • Vinegar definitely leaves behind a smell, but it evaporates quickly. Remember, chemical cleaners also smell; we’re just conditioned to think of their smell as the scent of clean.
    • Best uses: non-porous surfaces in the kitchen and bath. For cleaning mildewy grout you may need more elbow grease than you would if you used a chemical cleaner.
    • Always use the plain, white distilled kind!

More Vinegar Info:

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