Division of Labor: Sharing Housework

Division of Labor: Sharing Housework

Jason Loper
Aug 5, 2010

The husband and I have been happily cohabitating for the past thirteen years. We owe most of that happiness to the fact that we decided to stop arguing about the division of housework ages ago. Here are a few suggestions for dividing household chores equitably.

  • To-do lists can be an effective way of keeping chores in order. We often write out our weekly list on the chalkboard wall in our kitchen. When one of us gets around to the task, we check it off the list.
  • I'm willing to do almost any household task but there are a couple that I hate. Scooping the litter box, for example. The Husband pitches in and takes care of the litter box and in exchange I clean the bathroom, the job he hates the most.
  • Being willing to compromise on the division of chores has been helpful in maintaining happiness in our household. Some weeks I know The Husband is busier than I am so I will pick up the lions share of the chores. And then on those weeks when I'm busier, he'll do the same.
  • Make a date to clean! It may not sound fun but when you add a bottle of champagne to a chore, it will be. Set aside an hour or two on Friday night, pour a couple of glasses of champagne, put some upbeat tunes on the stereo, and have some fun with housework. Reward yourself by ordering in!

Image: Jason Loper

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