DIY: 12" Home Subwoofer Parte Dos (2)

DIY: 12" Home Subwoofer Parte Dos (2)

Oct 24, 2008

Hello. We have come to a decision as to the outer appearance of the subwoofer. A few of you gave us some good ideas... really liked the astroturf and leather suggestions ex-specially. Both of those inspired us to use fabric- and a fabric that we hadn't originally considered for this...

Felt. Thick felt. We have like 500 yards of 1/4" thick, off-white felt that wasn't doing anything lying around the house, so why not? (Perhaps some of you noticed the Sonos system we reviewed a little while back was perched upon a roll of felt.) We have some pretty powerful sewing machines here at the asylum so assembly would be no problem. Other than the machine, though, you will need scissors, felt, exacto knife, and long rulers... a t-square would be nice to get really neat corners.

Last time we talked more about construction of the box, this time it's about the soft stuff. Life with electronics should be personal and whimsical; it helps integrate the cold, hard electronic parts into a modern household.

To start with, we rolled out the fabric to give us some room to work:

Be very careful with cutting felt becuz while it feels really rigid, it tends to creep out of shape in a very subtle, pattern ruining way. We knew this already because we're super smart.

There are six sides to a cube, but we are leaving the bottom exposed to create a hovering feeling- we need to cut five sides:

Oh, and we didn't use a magic marker because the felt is white- we just cut directly with an exacto knife.

The sewing is straightforward but really tough at the corners because of all the thickness:

Here is what it looked like when we were done sewing:

We will set the legs back to make them invisible... so this will end up being just like a sleeve... or a "subwoofer cozy", if you are that kind. We are. Here is where we are now:

Next time we will have the whole thing put together and thumping away like the heartbeat of Godzilla. Stay tuned!

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