DIY Arcade Cabinet: Version 2.0

DIY Arcade Cabinet: Version 2.0

Gregory Han
Mar 11, 2008

Back in April I reported about my good friend Gerald's insane DIY Playstation 3 arcade cabinet. He's back with a new and improved design, and he was kind enough to give me a sneak peek of his work in progress...

Some of Gerald's preliminary sketches and reference images/renders. Gerald measured the cabinet in an actual Akiba arcade, being quick with a sketchpad and tape measure.

When most people want a new entertainment system, they look to retail for their solution. Not Gerald. With his background in 3D illustration and animation, the man has a firm grasp in rendering precise models which translates well when you want to make your own arcade cabinet to spec:

"A few months ago when I was in Japan, I realized that I liked the style and shape of the Lindbergh cabinet so much that I was considering importing one and trying to hook it up to a PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. I did some research and it basically boiled down to being a bad idea due to a few reasons...
1. Compatibility issues between the lindberghs JVS monitors and JAMMA / component / HDMI.
2. Unit and shipping cost.
3. Lack of ventalation if I decided to put a PC and consoles inside the cabinet.

Instead, I decided to make one that looked similar and had the same dimensions and angles but was modified to suit my needs. It's a work in progress right now and I will update this post as things move along but heres some images from the start."

"I took some liberties and redesigned the cabinet into one piece, with proper ventilation and enough room to house a PC, Xbox360, PS3 and a car amp."

Gerald worked with a local San Fernando Valley carpenter (Rivoli Cabinets in Panorama City) who was able to work from his schematics to fashion the cabinet using MDF. The unit is currently being sanded and finished, including rounding off edges for a smooth finish before painting (Gerald says the cabinet will be a matte black finish once painted). We'll report back with the finished product in a few days....
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