DIY: Gainclone Chip Amp Kit Part 3

DIY: Gainclone Chip Amp Kit Part 3

Apr 17, 2009

We have put quite a bit more time into getting this chipamp together over the last month or so and are ready to post an update. Lots of enclosure work has gone into it since the previous issue; we didn't do any electronics work. As always, the kit goes together quite quickly and the rest is just cutting, sanding and painting...

You will remember our pile of burled Maple from last time that we basically burned into shape with our dull table saw. We were aiming for this kind of fit, hence all of the shelves and facets cut into the pieces:

To get it to glue up we clamped it all into another one of the boxes that has the same dimensions as the aluminum box we cut for this project.

Then we turned our attention to the layout of all the hardware that will be exposed to the outside of the box. We have all kinds of aluminum lying around and just put it to good use.

A single piece can be bent to keep a common ground. We flexed it to make sure the fit was tight and to provide some strength to the brittle burled Maple.

We then cut out the holes to back up some parts- lots of filing to get everything to line up...

After that we made sure the wood holes lined up with the aluminum ones... more filing... and this is what the base of the amp will "base"ically look like:

The aluminum box was feeling lonely, so we sprayed some attention in it's direction. First we did some light bondo work to fill in all the pits. This stuff is called "spot putty" and is a single component filler:

Then we sanded and used acetone to clean EVERYTHING (Uh, yeah... all of them...):

Primed using Rust-oleum:

And this is what the backside looks like after all that (still a little filling to do...):

A fun little project that we knew would take a bit too much time... worth every ) Want to play along? is the place.

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