DIY: Gainclone Chip Amp Kit Part 4

DIY: Gainclone Chip Amp Kit Part 4

Aug 14, 2009

It's been a while since I've written about this amp and I figured it was time for an update. I am actually looking for suggestions on the finishing color, so feel free to chime in in the comments.

This has really been a fun project so far and I am excited that I can finally have one of the famous Gainclone amps mentioned in the dead sea scrolls. There is also nothing like listening to music on something you built.

The process has been a challenging one, so keep that in mind if you decide to do it yourself. These things are always a matter of persistence anyway so if you don't know how to do something, GOOGLE IT.

I ran into a little problem when trying to find a way to fit hardware into the box. The problem wasn't really anything serious- I just used a mini router to hollow out a space for the volume control PCB and ended up slipping way out of control! Thankfully, the cut was on the inside and will never be seen except by the throngs that frequent this site or type "Chip Amp" into their browsers.

I filled the chasm with epoxy and then sanded it down to cap it off with wood filler. "It doesn't look that bad" is my new mantra. Gurudevchandra says I am making progress... (I hope that is not a real Guru- sorry if it is.)

After that I cut a bunch of wires to connect each individual potentiometer with its original anchoring point on the board. I then curled up the ends of the wires so that they would have as much surface area as possible touching the contact points- this also gave me a lot of leverage when soldering them together so there would be as little solder between the two pieces of metal as possible.

After connecting all the wires (which are the same length to maintain equal signal path distance) I then curled everything up in as crimp-free a pattern as possible so the switches could reach their mounting holes.

Then I test fit everything and viola! (like the violin) It's all fitting together nicely and even with the extra wires all over the place, it looks really cool (to me...).

So now all I have to do is give the whole thing a finish (then assemble it). This is where youz come in. What color do you think? I was going to paint it all white because it was originally going in my house but it is now going to be at the office where things are decidedly more dark. What say you?

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