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20 DIY Christmas Ornaments That’ll Make Your Tree Look Like a Real Work of Art

updated Nov 24, 2020
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White hourglass-shaped ornaments with pastel paint and doodles on bottom

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, there are tons of options. You can go the more traditional route, with twinkling white lights, glass ornaments, and maybe even a strand of popcorn or cranberry garland. Or, you can go the more modern route, opting for a themed tree complete with baubles and lights in all colors of the rainbow. Whichever style you choose, you’ll need at least a couple dozen ornaments to fill a standard-sized tree. 

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This year, instead of ordering a bunch, why not start a new tradition: making your own ornaments. This DIY project doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming endeavor. In fact, it’s a fun Christmas activity everyone in your household can enjoy together. So turn on that Hallmark movie marathon, grab some hot cocoa, and let these impressive tutorials guide you through your crafternoon.

1. DIY Children’s Art Keepsake Ornament

This tutorial shows you how to transform your kids’ seasonal artwork into a keepsake ornament you’ll treasure for years to come. Psst: You’re not limited to kiddie creations! You can use the same method to preserve any doodle for years to come.

2. Melted Crayon Ornaments

Here’s a clever way to make use of excess craft supplies: Melt them down and pour them into clear glass ornaments for a cool marbled effect.

3. Grinch Ornament

For a simple craft that will make your heart grow at least two sizes, try this easy Grinch-themed bauble. All you need is a little glitter, glue, and tissue paper.

4. DIY Hand-Painted Pastel Ornaments

Though they have a splash of pastel paint that helps them pop against your tree, these ornaments have a distinctly Scandinavian vibe that perfectly suits the holiday.

5. Dried Citrus Ornaments

For a sophisticated look, lean on organic elements to decorate your tree. These dried citrus slices from A Beautiful Mess look fabulous, plus have an added benefit—they smell great.

6. Painted Feather Ornaments

If you’re looking for another natural element that’s a little more unexpected, try this modern ornament idea. Use pastel and gold paint to transform (clean) feathers into something worthy of your tree.

Credit: A Night Owl

7. Chalkboard Ornament

Chalkboard paint creates the perfect base for an ornament you can switch up as often as your mood changes. Once the initial coat dries, use a chalkboard pen to scrawl holiday greetings or draw seasonal pictures.

Credit: Aww Sam

8. Emoji Ball Ornaments

With these silly, vibrant ornaments on your tree, one thing is for sure: You’ll smile every time you walk by your holiday fir.

9. Pinecone Ornaments

A smattering of white glitter and bright red berries makes pinecone ornaments look like they emerged straight from a winter wonderland.

Credit: Studio DIY

10. DIY Rudolph Ornaments

Nod to Santa’s favorite reindeer with this easy and colorful project from Studio DIY. Simply paint clear or ceramic ornaments, then add paper antlers and a bright red glittered or pom-pom nose.

11. Leather Christmas Ornament

You don’t need any sewing skills to make these three-dimensional leather ornaments—just a couple simple tools, like a leather punch and a few screws.

12. Snow Cone Ornaments

Perhaps the sweetest DIY ornament ever comes together with the help of plenty of colored glitter and a little bit of cardstock.

13. 3D Paper Flamingo

A cutting machine makes quick work of this bright flamingo—a perfectly suitable ornament for a tropical Christmas.

Credit: Oh Oh Deco

14. Felt Ornaments

This craft proves that craft felt isn’t just for kid projects. Sew (or glue!) strips of jewel-toned fabric together to create cool, mid-century modern-inspired baubles.

15. Mason Jar Lid Wreath

Have spare metal rings littering your drawer? Don’t trash them—turn them into beautiful wreaths for your tree.

16. Simple Porcelain Ornament

When you really just want something simple, but love the personalized feel of a DIY, turn to this craft. All you need is a porcelain ornament, a paint pen, and a little creativity.

Credit: Persia Lou

17. Crochet Snowflake

Put your crochet skills to work with a handful of delicate handmade snowflake ornaments that are just as unique as real snowflakes.

18. Hand-Lettered Ornaments

You don’t have to have perfect penmanship to make ornaments adorned with gorgeous modern calligraphy. Follow this tutorial for some helpful hacks to fake it.


19. Craft Stick Sled

Like a sophisticated version of the ornaments you used to make in kindergarten, but with a rustic touch that suits your more adult tree.

20. Gold Leaf Ornaments

Is there anything more fit for Christmas than a shiny gold ornament? For a modern spin, add graphic designs. Or, for a more traditional look, let the gold leaf shine on its own.