DIY Dominoes Made From Mother Nature

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you looking for a quick craft that might turn into hours worth of fun for your kids? For those that don’t have several feet of snow on the ground, check out this simple game of rock dominoes. With the help of a paint or white out pen, you can entertain your kids during these long grey days.

Our favorite part about this idea is you can never lose the pieces! Well that’s a lie… you can, but it doesn’t much matter if you do. Just head outside, pick up a new rock and you’re good to go. Game on!

Even though the holiday season has just happened and our houses are full of toys and games, there’s still a joy in finding or making something new to kill a few hours during your day. All you need is rocks that are dotted from 0-6 and you’re good to go.