DIY Easter Eggs: 5 Natural Decorating Techniques

DIY Easter Eggs: 5 Natural Decorating Techniques

Kate Legere
Mar 13, 2014

I am really excited to try dying Easter eggs the natural way this year, and I am planning to use the recipes I found over at The Kitchn. I also researched different ways to decorate my eggs, and found some fun and easy ideas using things you probably already have at home. My five favorite technique finds are below, and would love to hear of your own natural egg dying tips in the comments below!

1. Stickers: Cover your eggs with stickers. Rachelle from TinkerLab used hole reinforcement stickers to create this cool pattern.

2. Waxed Crayons: Before you place them in the dye, Parade Magazine suggests drawing designs on the eggs with light colored crayons. The wax will not absorb the dyes made from vinegar, water, and various vegetables and spices.

3. Rubber Bands: Rural Spin wrapped rubber bands around a hard boiled egg and then let it soak it in a warm mixture of turmeric/salt/vinegar for about an hour to create the yellow egg pictured in the middle.

4. Herbs, Flowers, Leaves: Cynthia used a variety of greens from her kitchen (dill is pictured here) to create interesting relief pattens.

5. Onion Peels: Wrap raw eggs in onion skins and cheese cloth(or pantyhose!), and then boil them for 20 minutes. The oils from the skins will transfer onto the eggs to create a mottled look. Ahnoosh shares this traditional way of dying eggs. You can also find a video tutorial on Martha Stewart here.

And, on the Kitchn: Vibrant Eggs, Dyed Naturally

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