Save Your Money & Make Your Own Beautiful Gift Wrap This Year

published Nov 27, 2017
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(Image credit: Cable Car Couture)

There’s a lot of irresistible gift wrap out there, but it can be pricey. Not great during what’s already a rather expensive time of year. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider making your own fabulous and personal gift wrap—and 14 ways to do it—for the holidays and beyond. Pro tip: If you happen to own any butcher paper, you’re already halfway done.

It’s Often Printable (and Free!)

No need to battle the shopping rush if you happen to own a printer!

(Image credit: Mr. Kate)

This is two gifts in one! A wrapped gift and a beautiful sheet of paper that the recipient can color in when the holidays get stressful. Bonus points for topping the gift with a few markers or colored pencils.

(Image credit: Almost Makes Perfect)

Printable Pattern Gift Wrap by Almost Makes Perfect

This is a great all-purpose gift wrap. Black and white always looks cool during the winter, and you could glam it up a bit with gold ribbon or twine.

(Image credit: The Merrythought)

Printable Gift Tags by The Merrythought

Save precious printer ink by just printing these sweet little tags. Wrap gifts in utterly plain paper and then jazz them up with wintery labels.

(Image credit: Mr. Kate)

Printable Gift Box by Mr. Kate

This tutorial has a printable template that you can pop your own graphics or images into; here you see a bit of winter nature, but you could also use old family photos.

(Image credit: Homey Oh My)

This tutorial is a post sponsored by a printing service, but you could use whatever form of stickers you like to jazz up plain paper. Print your own using your word processor’s sticker template, or use the teeny stickers you get at Japanese photo booth places.

It’s All About The Garland

The plainest possible paper can be transformed with handmade garland.

(Image credit: Homey Oh My)

DIY Star Garland by Homey Oh My

This is my favorite gift wrap of the bunch. It’s holiday neutral, it’s flexible (look how great a group of gifts wrapped in three different papers and two twines looks!), and the implied sparkle of stars is always welcome in the dark winter days, though this garland would work all year. The stars are cut out of scrap paper with a punch, and the tags are handcut.

(Image credit: Burkatron)

This project yields the highest impact for the least amount of effort and is absolutely delightful. Use black and white twine for a bold graphic look, or whatever twine you happen to own. Pick up some teeny ornaments at a craft store or order them from Amazon so you don’t have to leave the house. Then prepare for your gift recipients to be utterly charmed.

It Makes a Statement

Express yourself by scrawling all over plain paper.

(Image credit: Cable Car Couture)

DIY Calligraphy Wrapping Paper by Cable Car Couture

In this tutorial, Christmas carol lyrics are handpainted with watercolors on butcher paper, but you could inscribe your gift wrap with any messages you’d like to send. I would go with quotes from the movie Elf, perhaps you’d like to air your Festivus grievances.

It Doesn’t Require Fancy Painting Skills

Artsy-craftsy projects can be intimidating. This one is NOT.

(Image credit: Threadbare Cloak)

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper by Threadbare Cloak

These gifts are so edgily elegant, and yet all they require are that you can paint some vaguely parallel stripes. Adorn them with metallic or wool twine and evergreen sprigs if you wish, but they look perfectly cool as-is.

It Personalizes Gift Cards

Make your gift cards look like a million bucks, no matter how much $ you’ve put on them.

(Image credit: Lovely Indeed)

The only thing classier than wood gift wrap is gold-leafed wood gift wrap. Make a gift card literally shine by presenting it in one of these beauties.

(Image credit: A Pair & A Spare)

DIY Stitched Up Gift Wrap by A Pair & A Spare

In this tutorial, little flat clutches are presented in charmingly stitched stars; reduce the stars’ dimensions, and they become the perfect vehicle for gift cards.

(Image credit: Paper & Stitch)

Speaking of stitches! While the stars might be able to accommodate a gift card and a little something gifty (bracelet, bookmark, gauzy scarf), these felt pouches are absolutely perfect for just a gift card. Choose felt colors that accentuate your decor.

It’s Magical

Seriously. Create a winter wonderland that your gift recipients will never forget.

(Image credit: Oh Happy Day)

Snowscape-Wrapped Gift DIY by Oh Happy Day

This project if a few years old, but I had to be sure that you saw it as it exceeds ultimate gift wrapping #goals for the holidays. Wrap a bunch of presents with this little scene—maybe just one gift per recipient so this project doesn’t take over your life—arrange them on your mantel or shelf until gift-giving time, and check winter decorating off your to-do list.