DIY Halloween: 17 Awesome Costumes You Can Make from Stuff Around the House

published Oct 8, 2014
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(Image credit: Lena Sekine)

There’s just something about making your kids’ Halloween costumes. Growing up my mom always made ours (out of necessity — not because she enjoyed it!) and looking back at those photos, our costumes always just felt special.

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Foil Paper Cleopatra : Simple Living (Image credit: Lena Sekine)

They weren’t always complicated — one year my mom bought a giant box of Tide, cut out holes for my sister’s head, arms, and legs, and called it a day. It wasn’t the fanciest costume in the neighborhood, but it was one of a kind. My sister couldn’t put her arms down the entire night and was super sore the next day. But do you know what? We still tell that story to this day and laugh about it.

Now, I’m not putting down the parents who buy their kids’ costumes at the store either. Maybe you really don’t need one more thing on your plate, or maybe your kid just wants that costume he saw in the shop window — we’re all just doing the best we can, right? But if you’re into that homemade feel and, like my mom, don’t have a lot of money to spend, this is the post for you. Here are 17 awesome costumes I’ve rounded up from the depths of the inter webs that are made from junk. Cardboard, duct tape, egg cartons, milk jugs — you name it. (And bonus, reusing stuff you already have is helping out Mother Earth a little bit too!) Who knew garbage could be so awesome?!


1. Foil Paper Cleopatra: Simple Living
2. Cardboard Bird Mask: WrnKing
3.Cardboard Mermaid: The Cardboard Collective
4. Cardboard Butterfly: The Cardboard Collective
5.Cardboard Dinosaur: Linna Xu

6.Water Bottle Rocket Man: Sewing in No Man’s Land
7. Duct Tape Skeleton: And We Play
8. Milk Jug Storm Trooper: Filth Wizardry
9. Milk Jug Dragon: Filth Wizardry
10. Water Bottle Astronaut: BuxSen


11. Water Bottle Scuba Diver: Real Simple
12. Egg Carton Giraffe Mask: Baby Jungle
13. Tin Foil Baby Burrito: Oleander & Palm
14. Cardboard Knight & Dragon: Cardboard Dad
15. Egg Carton Samurai: Green Issues by Agy


16. Garbage Bag Wizard: Oh Happy Day*
17. Trash Can Lid Captain America Shield: First In