9 DIY Decor Kits That Will Help You Decorate Your Home

published Nov 15, 2018
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We all admire the perfect DIY home—but creating a homemade house requires picking up at least a half-dozen hobbies. With each hobby comes hours of YouTube videos and hundreds of dollars spent on must-haves.

If you’re short on time and cash, knowledgeable creators have you covered. Hobby kits let you dive into a new craft—without leaving your craft room overstuffed with supplies if macrame isn’t your thing. Plus, giving these new hobbies a whirl leaves you with something tangible: art you can use or display. These nine hobby kits will help you outfit the handmade home.

This funky, retro craft helps show off your favorite greenery—and bright neon colors give the trend a modern makeover. Wool and the Gang’s macrame kits (starting at $22.50) provide everything you need to hand-make these hanging beauties. Beginners can try their knotted Top of the Pots kit to give one pot a stunning setting or tie together the multicolored Flower Power hanger, which fits two average-sized pots.

A fresh scent can be transforming—and your home will smell fantastic when you test the results of this candle-making kit ($47.99). Invite two friends over for a lazy crafternoon: The kit creates three eight-ounce candles in lavender, lemon, and chamomile. The supplied tin containers are painted in supple pastels and promise to accent any decor.

Create your own ecosystem with these plant and moss terrarium kits (starting at $25). Indulge your creative juices with a variety of themes—from a jurassic jungle (complete with teeny brontosaurus) to an enchanted garden and gnome homes. Twig provides all the ingredients and tools needed for your terrarium to thrive, including moss and accessories.

Woven tapestries bring needed texture to a minimal space—but weaving can be a difficult skill. Start your tapestry journey with this weaving kit ($36), which teaches you the basics as you create your own miniature piece of wall art. The wooden frame adds rustic panache, and the green yarn keeps your creation neutral. Not into green? The Etsy seller also offers Christmas– and tutti fruiti-themed kits, among others.

Prefer your crafts a little more technical? Guests will be wowed when they learn you built this handcrafted clock ($69.95)—and you don’t even have to tell them it came in a kit. Hang this mechanical beauty on the wall. Comments say the building process can be a little finicky (some sanding is involved), but the payoff is gorgeous: a winding clock with precise, time-telling gears to keep you on time.

Join the jungalow trend—and practice your painting skills, too. Pick up this paint by numbers kit ($27) and spend a few evenings chilling with Netflix, paints and your canvas. The final product is large enough to impress. At 16′ by 20′, the canvas is perfect for hanging over a couch or in a stairwell. And seeing the vivid green monstera leaf will make every day feel like vacation.

Can’t keep succulents alive? America’s obsession with these water-loving desert plants might make you think they’re easy to grow—but for many of us black-thumbed citizens, the opposite is true. So why bother with the real thing? Create 18 felt plants with this easy-to-assemble kit ($20). We won’t claim the result is indistinguishably real, but your collection will look cool all the same.

But perhaps your thumb is not an inky shade of black. If you’ve got talent for growing, pick up this succulent wall planter kit. At $118, it’s on the pricey side—but the kit comes with 20 succulent cuttings to ensure your living art is lush AF. Just make sure to set aside time for planting the day this baby arrives in the mail. You don’t want to make your new plants wait.

Known fact: It’s impossible to have too many tiny bowls. Create more places to store rings, necklaces, and other tiny doo-dads with this thread bowl kit ($12.99). Bright colors make these a bold addition to an otherwise black-and-white room—and they’ll make sure you never lose sight of your most precious objects.