How To Make A Laptop Stand From A Coat Hanger

How To Make A Laptop Stand From A Coat Hanger

Range Govindan
Feb 4, 2010

More and more people are relying exclusively on laptops nowadays, but bending over a notebook all day can be bad for your posture. We found this little project which helps prop your laptop for easy day in day out use, without having to pay big for a laptop stand.

Tully Gehan is currently living in Beijing China, where space is at a premium. He came up with a way to make a cool DIY laptop stand from a coat hanger. Yep, that's right, a simple metal coat hanger!

What You Need

Your hands
A metal coat hanger, the heavier duty the better
A piece of furniture or a corner surface where you can bend the coat hanger


1. You start off by bending at the halfway point of the bottom of the coat hanger. This bend will ensure your laptop doesn't slip out.

2. Bend the left and right ends of the hanger so that they are at about a 140 degree angle from the rest of the hanger.

3. Place the hanger on the table so that the bent ends are sticking up in the air.

4. Place your laptop within the openings of the ends and tweak the snugness appropriately for your notebook.

5. Bend the top of hanger to serve as a support for your stand.

Additional Notes: We found this build extremely simple and great to use around the house when you don't want to spend $80 to $200 on a laptop stand or a docking station. Another thing with this nifty stand is that it's almost invisible. You have to look really carefully to see what's behind it. At first glance, no one will notice it. In fact, it actually makes the laptop seemingly float on air. This effect is heightened with Tullytully's home office, since he uses a glass desk and his laptop is right next to large windows.

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