DIY Idea: Make a Mirror from a Leaded Glass Window

I love antique leaded windows but at times I find them difficult to incorporate into a more contemporary interior. This tutorial from ECAB takes an old and beat up window and turns it into a simple mirror perfect for over the fireplace or even for use as a headboard. Find out how they did it after the jump.

Using Krylon’s Looking Glass Spray Paint, this project from ECAB instructs us to first spray the window with water in order to make it look a little less perfect to match the tattered window style. As they describe:

I used Krylon’s Looking Glass paint to turn the window into a “mirror” of sorts – it’s shiny and reflective, but not in the way a brand-new mirror would be; rather, it’s cloudy and antique-looking. I actually rather love the effect.

Complete with a very in depth instruction on how to hang the finished product, this tutorial makes creating your own mirror a snap!

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(Images: ECAB)