DIY Idea: Simple Candle Holder Upgrade

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Despite my reticence at cutting books of any kind, there are occasions where it feels like it makes sense to give new life to old images by using them in a way where they will be seen and enjoyed. Helena of Craft and Creativity shows how to do just that with old books and maps.

Helena explains:

I was originally looking for pictures of old houses, but the dictionaries and history books I came home with also contained beautiful illustrations of flowers, animals, paintings and maps. Lots of material for future crafting! Being the bookworm I am, it was with a little sadness in my heart that I tore the books apart. I consoled myself with the fact that the books were worn and only cost me 1 SEK (10 cents) each. Plus, they are likely to spread more joy as interior accents than dusty old books at a flea shop.

I cut out the houses with a pair of scissors and cut out a couple of the windows with an exacto knife to create a transparency effect. I wrapped the paper around small drinking glasses and secured with tape at the back. Finally, I cut away any excess paper. Another idea for recycling could be to use old jars instead of glasses.

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