The IKEA/Nuforce Amp Mount Hack

The IKEA/Nuforce Amp Mount Hack

Jan 29, 2010

Unplggd is a veritable hotbed of modding activity. We love to hack, build and otherwise appropriate technology for our own unique needs. I recently realized that my headphone cable was just never NOT going to snag on the corners of my desk as I popped and locked my way through my day. I needed an IKEA solution…

First of all, I'd like to refer you to a review we posted sometime back on the NuForce Icon- this beautifully designed, ingeniously compact item has never stopped pleasuring me with its clarity and tightness. Even though it is as gorgeous as it is nice to listen to, I CANNOT have anything on my desk that does not need to be there. I needed to find a place for it that would be front and center, yet outta the way.

I don't know about youz, but I have been collecting these Lack shelf mounting brackets from IKEA for years. They are about as useful as the "insert" key on your keyboard. I have probably bought six or seven of these shelving units for various purposes; displays, record storage, room division, and of course books. Moving can often destroy them and if you modify them for some other purpose, they tend not to come back from those mods very easily… but the brackets survive for one major reason: You don't really need them.

So, most of the time they end up in a drawer somewhere, waiting to gouge your hand while you are fumbling for a flashlight at 3am.

The funny thing is, I just threw a whole bunch of them out LAST WEEK. I thought I threw them all out, but praise be, I saved three.

Actually using them for the purpose at hand requires a bit of fiddling- they need to be bent to hold the body of the amp from the bottom of the desk. I used a few pairs o'pliers and a hammer to make that happen- I have no vise, which is what you really should use for this, so I had to make do. I then primed the areas that I had scratched up with my pliers to protect them from rust. I also found some dooby-stick tape that appears to have come with the brackets- it protects the finish of the amp nicely. I just removed one side of the tape so it won't stick to the amp.

I won't say much more, just look at the pics. Turned out great, albeit with a little bit of extra plastic hangin' out for no real reason. Now the amp is much closer than it was b4 and very much out of the way. I will route the wires later when I relocate my computer- no point in doing all that work and then redoing it.


You lika the hacka?

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