DIY Impossible

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lately, we’ve been preparing our guest bedroom for a new arrival; today’s task was installing black out blinds and a curtain rod. Sounded easy enough. In North America, we’d always been pretty good at doing things around the house. All it should take, really, is a screwdriver and maybe a drill, right?

In Hong Kong, DIY is almost a foreign concept. The walls of most apartments are concrete or brick, layered with plaster. Complicating matters, the electric, water and plumbing lines run through the walls in a somewhat random pattern. One wrong step with the drill and we have major damage. Even something as seemingly simple as hanging a picture can create trouble – masonry hangers are available, but have a weight limitation – make a mistake with the positioning and you’re left with a permanent mess.

And so, this morning I was busy juggling contractors, trying to corral the dogs into a safe area where they don’t get in the way, but can still see the action, and trying to be ever so helpful, walking around with my tape measure, really just getting in the way.