DIY Industrial Media Shelves

Although some would prefer to minimize their media collection, by either switching to smaller cases or doing away with discs all together, others are still relying on entertainment centers to keep things tidy. They never hold enough, so instead give this diy industrial chic look a try that delivers when it comes to storage as well as aesthetics.

Instructables user Craineum has been hard at work building a large set of shelves supported by cables. We happen to be quite smitten with the look, even if they aren’t used to display home media. He’s put together a clear tutorial, complete with an alternate version with intermittent shorter shelves.

Our only caution for the project, is the same one Craineum has when he mentions that although it’s quite stable, it is just hanging on the wall. If it’s in a high traffic area and gets bumped from one side, it might send it for a slide along the wall. We might suggest drilling a hole or two in the back of a few boards, allowing for the head of a screw (attached to the wall) to sit snuggly in back, helping steady any shake or wiggle that might occur.

Along the same lines, he’s also created a tutorial for creating a cabled media center, make sure to check it out if you aren’t into going all out to create a large set of shelves, this smaller project might be more up your alley.